Embrace your own main character in your own story.

Post-Christmas decoration removal, I always have a mental tug of war about our fireplace. The mantle feels bare, yet much like the rest of my home I cannot bring myself to buy some pretty trinkets to put there to “fill space.” I can’t say that I always have, but over the last 4 years at least, I’ve filled our home intentionally with OUR story.

That looks like.....

•Prints of mine

•My mom’s paintings

•The coordinates of our parents’ homes

•Wine corks with special dates 

•Shells from countless boating trips 

•Michael’s grandmother’s cake pans and items from her kitchen 

•Books I read 

•Things Bitty has made

•Photos of generations of our families 

The photos I do swap out regularly or rearrange in a season where I’m feeling a ‘refresh.’ These are an easy way to add a pop of nostalgia to a space like this.

See, your prints bring your memories to LIFE in a way that holding them on your phone cannot. They are a constant daily reminder of what’s important and what to be grateful for.

I committed myself to giving you better and more timeless ways to enjoy these moments and pass them down for generations to come.

Introducing square prints (with border). I, personally, love the fairy light display for a teen's room or dorm room!

Easy to design. 

Fun to display. 


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