The holiday season is always too quick to come and go. I adore this time of year and the opportunities to capture Christmas card moments for your family, as well as capturing generations of families as they gather for the holidays. Admittedly, while I've never been able to commit to a 365 project, a 25 days of Christmas is easy to commit to, fun to create, and leaves me with the perfect amount of memories to encapsulate the holiday season.

Here's a peak at our season...

What do I do with these?

My personal favorite way to display them is in 4" nostalgic prints. These small, square prints are a perfect side table conversation piece, mantle spread, or fridge moment. They remind me of the sets of 70's prints I have from my mother's younger years. Feeling sentimental? Check your gallery to design your own set!

A keepsake album is also, always a great idea! Doing your own 25 days project? Tag me on Instagram so I can share these moments with you.