But where do you find a local photographer to capture the moments?!

  1. First, be clear on what you're looking for: is it quality? Quantity? The best experience? Someone who is great with children? Not all photographers are created equal. Answering these questions will help you to find your match.
  2. Look at Google reviews AND the photographer's website to get a sense of their style and client experience.
  3. Contact your photographer sooner rather than later! Peak travel times book way in advance! Don't miss your selected vacation dates by waiting until the last minute.

Looking for a seasoned Emerald Isle photographer? I'd love to connect if you are looking for a family photographer who's great with kids, specializes in working with differently-abled individuals, maximizes an extended family session, and keeps things vibrant but true to color. As a true local, I'm also a great resource for all things local!