Favorite Sensory Tools

As a parent of two children with proprioceptive dysfunction, we have had years of practice at seeking ways to achieve appropriate input and movement into our daily routine. Below you will find our list of five MUST HAVE tools that have safely allowed for the kids to move, explore, squish, push, and wiggle their way through the years...

Giant Stress Balls

These are THE favorite fidget for both kids. To be quite honest, they're pliability is very soothing and their size make them perfect for young children as well. If your young one is oral-seeking, I highly recommend these!

sensory tools and toys for child with autism by Swansboro and Emerald Isle photographer Samantha Ann Photo co

Play Couches

There are a lot of brands out there for these versatile play couches. My only regret is not buying one sooner! They mold and fold into chairs, forts, tables, and chaises... and as an ADULT, I can even enjoy it! We'll be adding a second one to our life in the near future.

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Textured Toys

Textured fidgets/balls/toys have been an important part of our play. These spike balls change colors and come in a variety. While Kess has quit carrying this particular ball, these are comparable and a great price for a pack! These have been perfect for car rides, wait times at the doctors' office, and restaurants.

Scooter Boards

A hard wood (or tile) floor must have. Scooter boards are great for upper and lower body work to include core strength. We have owned this very one for years and it is both incredibly durable and a great investment at under $25!

Play Foam and Sensory Bins

We love this fun foam! In fact, I'm known to give it out to clients as well. This pack is my favorite and comes conveniently wrapped, sorted, and with a storage case. It's also frequently on sale. If you care for the foam by rewrapping in plastic, it will last for several sessions!

Swansboro and Emerald Isle photographer sensory tools and toys for child with autism autism resources

There's so much more!

Looking for any sort of recommendation? Message me! I can also help you find LOCAL shops that carry sensory-friendly goods for tourists and travelers, including our Aquarium. Our entire list of preferred sensory tools and daily living supports is linked HERE for you browse.