Top 5 resources for Autism parents and adults in Onslow County

Maybe you've just moved here or you're newly diagnosed? Chances are, if you've done a Google search for support, you haven't stumbled upon many resources. It's true... there aren't many resources in our direct area for supporting clients specifically with Autism. In fact, there is a hiring crisis within respite services and waiting lists are long. If you're an RBT, jobs are aplenty and you'll be happy to know that Onslow County does employ two BCBA's. Out of awareness of navigating this journey as a parent and a professional, here are my five recommended resources to connect with in Onslow County.

  1. Carobell. Carobell, located in Hubert, NC, serves our community through community-based programming, residential services, school break (and summer) programs, and training programs.
  2. Exceptional Families of Jacksonville, NC has a large presence in the Jacksonville area and is a wonderful support group to find resources and connections with other parents.
  3. Easter Seals. Contact the local Easter Seals office for questions about community supports, afterschool programming, and more.
  4. Military? You must connect with your local EFMP program (Exceptional Family Member Program) for exclusive Marine Corp affiliated programming.
  5. Onslow County Chapter of Autism Society of NC. While this group has a higher member count, the member participation is very low with the exception of a couple of employees. I would recommend resource #2, first.

I am working on another comprehensive list, including Carteret County resources but in the mean time, feel free to contact me directly and I'll be happy to share additional information.