And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings


Purchasing a new, or first home, is a huge milestone in your life! Documenting the big move is always a great idea!

Reasons to consider documenting your move:

  • To capture the beginning a new home adventure
  • To send cards to family and friends sharing about the big day
  • To show your children where it all began. Where they were born, how old they were, how excited they might've been picking out their room, etc.
  • To capture the first holiday, loaf of break, or new traditions in your new home
  • To share the aesthetic of your new home with family and friends via social media
  • To share with your neighbors a little about your family
  • Starting over after loss or celebration
Capturing a family's move to a new home in Swansboro, NC.



“Sam has a great personality and perspective. Great with Kids and Families. So happy to have her at and in our home capturing precious moments of our family. Very professional and understanding. As a lone parent with three boys I greatly appreciate her attention to our life details in the moment. She caught great photos of our family that we will treasure for years to come.”


I always suggest creating an album of the home buying experience. As our families grow, renovations ensue, or holidays pass by, this is such a wonderful way to look back on where it all began. Is this your child's first home? He or she will cherish looking back on this time and the start of this beginning.