How many headbands is too many?

There is no such thing.

Hi, it's Sam. You've either worked with me or seen me around likely sporting some wild head gear while toting a camera and engaging an active kiddo in conversation. While I understand how silly I may look, my head gear serves a purpose and I'd like for you to know why.

As a special needs parent and former professional working with individuals with developmental disabilities, I understand that there is no one size fits all approach to connecting with your child. I also understand the importance of caring approaches when an individual feels challenged by sensory overload and stimulating environments.

  1. Headbands are a noiseless way to capture your child's attention.
  2. They direct the eyes to a preferred location.
  3. They are a conversation starter and sometimes a bridge of trust with your child.

This is just one of many strategies that I utilize to make your family session as fun, easy, and supportive as possible. During the questionnaire period, I encourage you to share any concerns or suggestions that you may have for best supporting you.

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