When it comes to capturing those adorable baby moments, timing plays the most crucial role. As a new parent looking to preserve those precious early memories, you want to make sure the photoshoot happens at just the right time.

Catching the Newness:

Newborns change incredibly fast. The ideal time for a photoshoot is within the first two weeks after birth. We prefer 5-9 days when possible. During this time, babies still have that precious curled-up position, resembling how they were in the womb. It's when they're sleepier, making it easier to pose them for those heart-melting shots.

Around the two-week mark, babies often go through a growth spurt. They might become more awake, less curled up, and a bit more challenging to pose as they get used to the world outside the womb. That's why planning the shoot early is key to capturing those tiny, cuddly moments.

However, life happens, and sometimes the ideal timeline might not align perfectly. If you miss the two-week window, don't stress! We can still capture beautiful moments; just be prepared for potential changes in baby behavior and posing. The magic lies in seizing these moments while your little one is still tiny and adapting to the new world.

Expecting? Prescheduling your session will ensure those cherished memories are captured beautifully, preserving the essence of your newborn for a lifetime.