You've planned your Beach Vacation...

Now it's time to schedule a photoshoot to capture the memories of your time spent while there! Where do you start? Start by booking a local photographer who can not only capture the story of your family but make recommendations for the best restaurants, things to do in the area, where to find the live music, who to contact for surf lessons, etc. Headed to The Crystal Coast? I'm your girl.

Once booked, here are some things to consider:

  • Windy conditions! If you are concerned about your hair, pull it up and away from your face.
  • Wear clothing that you don't mind getting wet and/or sandy.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight or clingy. Make sure tops are fitted properly so that undergarments won't be showing as the wind blows.
  • Barefoot is best!
  • Coordinate with your loved ones to choose a color palette that is cohesive. Neutral colors and blue tones are always best.
  • Please avoid a solid white shirt as well as dressing everyone in the same shirt.
  • Leave cellphones, keys, and wallets in the car or at the house.
  • Consider bringing sand toys for little ones to enjoy.
  • Don't hesitate to incorporate surf boards, skim boards, or kite flying to capture your traditions.
  • Practice patience with littles as they are most likely going to see this as an additional opportunity to play (and it's encouraged).

emerald isle nc photographer offering beach family photos and senior portraits

Tomorrow is Never Promised

Make the most of the moments you have right now.

Tomorrow is Never Promised

Make the most of the moments you have right now.

Extended Family Sessions

I offer the opportunity to capture memories both together and as individual families and sibling groups. Extended family sessions are the bang for your buck in portrait sessions! If you are visiting The Crystal Coast, schedule your family portraits at or near the beach. If you have a beach home in the area or have rented a large home, consider combining an indoor shoot with beach front portraits to capture full storytelling of your time spent here.

Something else to consider

The beach can be overstimulating. During peak season (May-September) it is crowded, and other beachgoers may interfere with your portrait session. If your child is easily overwhelmed, distracted, or uncomfortable at the beach, discuss these things with your photographer ahead of time. Not all beach accesses are created equal, and I'm always happy to make recommendations that will create the best possible experience for families.

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