Childhood Sweethearts.

If you've ever met Cindy, you've undoubtedly connected to her positive energy. I don't know that I've ever seen her without a smile on her face! Having witnessed her positivity so many times at one of our favorite places to eat, I was thrilled when she inquired about my yellow flower shoot! She and Brian had NEVER had a professional shoot in over 10 years of being together.

I connect well with her story having known Michael since we were teens. There's just something about a first love that takes a hold of your life. While I've known Cindy, I hadn't witnessed them together and it was just as she described: easy. Effortless. They very much balance each other out and I love the way she looks at him after all this time. She described that they have grown closer having experienced so much loss in their lives. It was an honor to capture their special bond and to include their sweet girl, Callie.

“We've known each other almost our whole lives.”