Debating what type of session you really need for your family? Here's a break down of what you can expect in a mini relay versus a full session:

Mini relays are 10-15 minutes long and only offered seasonally for occasions such as annual wildflower portraits. You will receive five high resolution, hand edited images. One outfit, one location, and these are structured such that multiple clients/families are seen back to back. These usually have more posed styles than candid as they are quick in nature. Mini relays don't give me much time to get to the know the family. If you are certain that your child is very shy with new people or slow to warm up, I would not recommend a mini relay. Mention these things at booking so we can compare what is the best fit for your family. Location is MY choosing, as they are pre-planned shoots.

Full sessions are approximately 30 minutes to an hour long and include your choice of 12 high resolution, hand edited images. This allows for a large variety of candid and gently guided images and a true storytelling experience. You will play, laugh, and leave the session with a new friend. Full sessions always give me time to bond with your kids and you never feel rushed through our time together. If you or a loved one has any special accommodations, I especially recommend a full session and always consider needs in determining suggested locations.


Curious about working with me? Click play and watch some behind the scenes footage of clients in action.

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