from a mama who gets it.

Parenting hosts its joys and its challenges for every family but for a family of a child(ren) with special needs, your world presents a unique set of circumstances. There is much to consider in the day to day, additional doctors' appointments, therapies, consults, educational decisions, etc. Many families never consider capturing their special moments for a variety of reasons:




Uncertainty of the outcome?

I get it. As a parent of a child with autism, I wouldn't select an experience in which I am unsure of how B will respond or if the professional working with him knows how to interact with him in an appropriate way. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. I hold the formal education and certifications specialized in working with your child, here are some additional ways that we serve neurodiverse families:

Thoughtful and thorough questionnaires that ask person-centered questions to get to know how best to support your family. Supportive tools and toys that are personalized to the family based on those questionnaires. Choosing a location that is inclusive of your experience and needs. An open opportunity to meet prior and in person at our commercial studio. Sensory exploration during your session. An online gallery of all captures from your session so that YOU choose those moments that warm your heart.

Let's connect about your current and upcoming milestones.