Every studio has a story... welcome to ours

Where do I even begin?!

“A little faith goes a long way” and this dream of mine has grown so much over the last several years.

Yesterday my signs were installed and to see them for the first time, I felt the magnitude of how I’ve been blessed to be here. [My gratitude to 910 Sign Co for a phenomenal job and customer service.]

My gratitude to Tommy over at Echelon Design Services for my vinyl logo. Wonderful people and I can’t recommend them enough!

To my family of Seaside Arts Council members … you are the best. To Rich for painting and sanding and making the studio room workable - thank you! Maureen, Will, Amy… for coffee, 7 am yard sale hauls at the church, and moral support.

Every ounce of this new space is covered in love and a unique story. To Mary and Jeff The Market at Cedar Point - I love you guys and all that you do for our community! You mean so much to me and I thank you for my desk!

To my clients who showed up with the little things - like signs, a coffee maker, puzzles, and even selling me out of some of my shirts before I’ve opened my door! I have the most amazing family of clients ever and I could not be more grateful to grow with your families.

My dad for being a constant source or support and helping to build display shelving, move furniture, and run errands. Love you more than you could ever know.

My friend and fellow artist, Jen, over at Fishes by The Sea and Heather over at Nuova Luna Caffè... love you both.

My incredible landlords, my family, my friends, and, Michael… thank you. T

Most important of all, I need to acknowledge that the Lord’s plan was FAR bigger than I could’ve imagined and only in his timing did all this happen. May I be worthy, and to him I owe the glory.

Last, but not least, to my mom… the most difficult part of this journey is that you aren’t here. I’ve carried you with me through this journey, and I hope I’ve honored you in the ways that I’ve incorporated items from your art studio into my own. You gave me a gift of art and I will cherish it all of my days.

Inside you’ll find a community … my studio for relaxed, natural portraits at an affordable price. There’s beauty in simplicity and I can’t wait to capture your littles, your pregnancy, or your family.

There’s a storefront selling local and nostalgic art and gifts that have been carefully curated and are uniquely small quantity. See something you love? Grab it because it's not likely to come again.

Your local Seaside Arts info can be found here! Come grab a free concert schedule. There’s a cozy area where I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee and conversation.

There’s still more to come within the space but I’ll save that for another post.

With love & gratitude,



[I’m at 714-8 Corbett Avenue | Swansboro Plaza next to El Cerros but I’ll have varied hours so check frequently or send me a DM]