WELCOME! We are so glad you found your way to Samantha Ann Photo. I have been working in the field of inclusion for over 10 years now. As a parent of a 13 year old with Autism, an inclusive photography business is our number one priority. ALL families deserve to have their moments captured in an experience that is thoughtful, considerate, and timeless. As a certified Autism Specialist, we approach each session with knowledge and care to the individual needs of the family.

  1. We start with a thoughtful questionnaire, always. I want to know special interests, strong dislikes, repetitive movements, and how best to communicate with your loved one.
  2. Choosing a location that is SUPPORTIVE of you or your loved one is always a factor. Staying at the beach? Considering the time of year, what facilities are accessible, how crowded each access is, and parking safety is always a consideration. As a true local, I know the seasons.
  3. Utilizing tools such as bubbles, silly headbands, communication prompts, and small objects, we strive to find ways to offer movement and play into each session.

When was the last time you documented your family's milestones? I'd love to connect about how we can work together.