Your Senior Portraits shouldn't be average.

Tryston was hilarious! I ask parents/seniors to complete a detailed questionnaire for me to help to get to know them and best tell their story. Tryston gave me one word answers, except, when it came to must have shots. He said, "I want to look like Kenny Chesney." (Insert virtual mic drop)

I think we nailed it, here. In fact, when I shared one of his session images on social media, his boss (who follows my work), instantly recalled a story of his first day of work wearing this cowboy hat. They said, "That's Tryston." While you'll find lots of information floating around about style and photographers with their carefully curated client closets, I recommend making it personal.

Sure! Carefully styled wardrobes borrowed for a session look great on a social media feed but when you look back on your child's life, you'd rather remember their favorite t-shirt or the necklace you bought them for their 12th birthday. You'll smile at the purple bows they insisted on wearing every single day for 4 months no matter what the outfit. You'll appreciate the memory of arguing with them to remove their hat in church. Rethink wearing something you'd only wear one time, ever, and pick something for your session that reflects who YOU are.

Thanks for the laughs, Tryston!

- Sam