You're expecting! Congratulations!

You may be wondering WHEN to book your newborn portraits? The second trimester is recommended for booking newborn photos! This allows for us to prep our families well in advance of the busy final trimester and insures that we are ready for your baby whenever he/she makes their arrival.

  1. Planning Ahead: Early booking gives you ample time to plan the session details, including choosing outfits, discussing themes, and preparing any props you'd like to include.
  2. Less Stress: Pregnancy can be a busy time, and by booking early, you can check one important task off your list and reduce stress closer to your due date.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a professional photographer secured for your newborn session can give you peace of mind during the last months of pregnancy.
  4. Avoid Disappointment: As newborn photographers often have limited availability, waiting until the last minute could result in not being able to secure a slot.
  5. High Demand Periods: Some months may have higher demand for newborn sessions due to holidays or popular birth months. Booking early helps you secure a session during these peak periods.
  6. Travel Plans: If you plan to travel or move during your pregnancy, booking early ensures that you have your newborn session scheduled before any potential changes.
  7. Preparation Time: You'll want time to prepare yourself, your baby, and any siblings for the session. Early booking gives you the time you need to get everything ready.
  8. Memorable Moments: Newborns change rapidly in their first few weeks. By booking early, you can capture those delicate features and sweet moments when your baby is still in the newborn stage.

Ultimately, booking your newborn photos early in your pregnancy provides you with the best chance to secure a session with your preferred photographer, plan all the details, and ensure a stress-free experience during the hectic postpartum period.

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